Career Advice Made Easy

You know what I’ve discovered? Getting a job is hard work. I’m a final year student and for the past year or so I’ve been relishing the prospect of graduating and getting myself a real job so I can finally have some money. Money, money, money – I’m going to buy so much crap! That optimism has since changed to blind panic over leaving uni life behind and entering the real world. Suddenly getting a job and earning money doesn’t seem as appealing as lying in bed all day and recovering from a well earned hangover.Helpfully my blind panic had been accelerated by the daily updates of how the recession is going to destroy the world. This blind panic has had a strange motivational effect. I decided I could either let it ruin my remaining time at uni or I could get on top of it and figure out the whole career getting mystery. Now I’m still a little scared, but at least I know where I want to end up and how I’ll get there.’How?’ I hear you ask. ‘You must be some sort of god?’ I hear you cry (or that may just be my imaginary friend Steve)? I used the internet. I ignored the endless offers of enlarging my manhood, the hot naked chicks that want me and the various offers of cheap pharmaceuticals and tapped ‘career advice’ into Google. The Google elf’s worked their magic and bought me the following sites that have managed to slow my heart rate and stop the night terrors:Wiki JobsIt maybe another Wiki powered community, which I normally write off as being half arsed but it’s actually pretty useful and brimming with career advice. Plus it brings together people in the same boat in an interactive community that anything Wiki brings with it, and this community is thriving and very active.Here Comes The BossHere Comes The Boss brings career advice to life. Instead of throwing pages of text full of career advice at me they’ve made entertaining career advice videos. There’s a video for everything, CV advice, interview technique, recession news…everything! It’s made career advice quick and easy and above all else they have a puppet – who doesn’t love a puppet!?!?Careers AdviceThis is the government powered career advice website. It’s amazing and there is so much information at your fingers tips it’s hard to know where to start. The only down side is it’s a little dry, but it seems to be slowly getting better and I definitely picked up some valuable tips.Launch MindLaunch Mind is a free resource for employers, so it’s got to be pretty good for us. They ask you to upload your CV and then they show it off for you. Plus they give you a lot of information about improving your CV and presenting yourself correctly.Job Seekers AdviceJob Seekers Advice does exactly what it says on the tin, or on the front page! It look a bit old fashioned but the information on the site is great breaking down everything from job roles and industry standards to writing a good CV and interview techniques.