Funded Sponsoring Franchise System Is Revolutionizing the Home-Based Business Industry

More and more people are leaving the office grind behind to work at home. Whether downsized, outsourced, or sick and tired of cubicle hell, people like never before are saying goody bye to the corporate life and starting home-based businesses. One tool making it easy for a person to have a home-based business is the Internet. Along with the Internet, comes a diverse lot of income earning opportunities and people are jumping on board.One Internet based product tapping into the home-based business market is the “Funded Sponsoring Franchise system.” Now, why would someone develop a product like a franchise? Because, franchises are soooooo successful. Think about it. When was the last time you saw a McDonalds or Subway fail? Chances are you have not. Of course, there are key ingredients that are the basic components of ANY franchise. These ingredients are made up of providing customer service, taking orders and teaching others to provide quality customer service (training others). The reason a franchise system works is because it is duplicative. The process is simple. You provide customer service, take the order, and train new employees to do the same thing. Then repeat the same process. The system does the rest. People that buy into McDonalds or Subway know that they are buying into a simple process, a process that works time and time again. Get the picture? That is why they are so successful.The same thing can be done with the “Funded Sponsoring Franchise” system. With this system, people know they are buying into a successful product. The reason it works is that it allows folks to make money without spending a dime to market. Now, how can this be possible? Well, I’ll tell you. This is where the “Funded” comes in. The system provides people with a low cost business opportunity that yields high value by consistently producing returns that can erase your expenses. Not only does the system create a never ending source of leads for you, but it also provides for residual income by constantly having something that the prospects will come in and purchase. You have a product which goes out and finds the prospects for you, weeds through them so you only have the serious prospects and then the retail product itself funds your advertising. Neat, huh? In return, you take those people and show them your business opportunity (the training part).The Internet, print, and broadcast media are full of ads for great-sounding work at home opportunities. Sadly, the work at home industry is full of scam companies that advertise high income home-based jobs. Some ads are specific while others are vague and keep you in the dark about the exact nature of the pie in the sky venture.Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do your research before you plunge into any work at home opportunity. Talk with others who are working at home. Check out franchises or Internet opportunities with the Better Business Bureau. If an opportunity offers you a free trial, try it, but be sure you cancel within the specified time period if you decide the opportunity is not for you. Despite the scam artists, there are thousands of options in the work at home industry and one of them will suit you.

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How to Get the Best Career Advice

You don’t trust the best your best source of career change advice. As a career coach, with 10 years of career coaching experience, may I tell you the secret?You are the source of your own best career advice. If you’re confused and troubled about what to do, then you just haven’t asked your higher self or you haven’t believed what you’ve heard. What if you had a loving, wise Uncle or Aunt whose only agenda was your success and fulfillment? Would you trust him or her? Well you have such a loving mentor and he or she is your higher self. Career success requires bold decisiveness and your higher self can inspire you to action. But you’ve got to be open to communicating with your all-knowing, higher guidance system within. It’s all good.You truly can’t choose the wrong advice, if you’ve gone to your own well. It’s all good, means that whatever we choose, the movement gives us fresh perspective to either progress or adjust. It’s all good when we choose and act. It’s seldom good when we hesitate to act.There are many ways to tell if you’re really getting good career advice by tapping your true source of wisdom. Consider these symptoms and indicators.Lower Self Symptoms1). You wait, hesitate to act and over-think critical decisions.2). You justify, explain and excuse your lack luster performance.3). You seldom give it your all.4). You often focus on past mistakes and future fearful what ifs.5). You compromise and settle for smaller dreams, often suggested by others.Higher Self Indicators1). You more often act and create.2). You tell more truth than excuses.3). You bring your “A” game.4). You are fully aware of the power of now.5). You are working on a first place dream that brings you alive.Isn’t it time that you quit playing small? The world needs your magnificence.
Every day you have this choice. You can take your career advice by listening to your higher self and boldly act. Or you can cringe and hide while listening to your little self or the lower fearful opinions of others.”If we are going to insist on identifying with just the little self in here, then others are going to bruise it, insult it, injure it. The ego, then, is kept in existence by a collection of emotional insults; it carries its personal bruises as the fabric of its very existence. It actively collects, hurts and insults, even while resenting them, because without it’s bruises it would be literally nothing.” Ken WilberIf you want more than you have, you’ve been giving less than you can.We give less than we could be giving when we fail to act on higher advice.It takes balls to follow bold career advice. Often by taking action to build a business or create unique value, we put ourselves at risk. So what. The absence of risk often indicates that we are playing too small.Quit listening to your fearful, lower, little self. Playing small serves no one. Compromises may seem prudent but they’re just fearful hopes lacking passion.Do the thing that only you can do. Go big!Be who you are. Who you are is your higher self. You’re lower self is simply a watered down fearful version conditioned by the collective fears of other small selves.”The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice it is conformity.” Rollo MayWhen times are dark and you pray for help, it’s always good to remember this. Upon creation you were already given all that you need. You arrived here equipped for magnificence. You don’t have to ask for deliverance. You’ve already been delivered.You’ve just forgotten how magnificent you really are. Go within, ask and you’re higher self will show you the way.